Best Duffle Bag Recommendations

Duffle bags are bags with a larger capacity than bags in general. This bag can be used for both sports and traveling. There are many brands of leather travel bag that you can find on the market. Duffle bags that can load many items, come in various sizes, materials, colors, and other features.

Duffle bag capacity is quite diverse, from 20 L to 100 L more. Customize the duffle bag you choose with the number of items you normally carry. If you use a duffle bag for daily activities, such as going to the gym, a capacity below 40L can be chosen. Bags with this capacity are not too big and can load your needs. For those of you who want to travel for a long time, choose a duffle bag with a size larger than 40 L. The larger capacity can accommodate your various needs besides clothes. However, if you only travel for a short time, size 40-45 L can be the best choice for you.

Exsport Maple (L) Duffle Bag
Sweet, minimalist, and does not make you bother. No need to carry too big a bag to go to the gym after work. You can use this bag from Exsport. The main compartment is quite large to carry sports clothes and shoes. The design is also very minimalist and sweet for women.

Wigglo Duffle Bag Cherry
Not only adults who need a duffle bag, but children also need it. Wigglo, a brand that specializes in selling goods for little ones, also issues duffle bags. This product is very suitable to accompany your child’s activities. Teach your child independently from an early age by bringing his own belongings. The design of a cute style and attractive colors make your child more excited about their daily activities. This bag can be used when going to school or exercising.

Nike Vapor Power
Complete with shoe compartments, sports ready! Exercising with friends on weekends is a fun activity. Carry all your equipment with Nike Vapor Power. This bag is equipped with a shoe compartment making it easier for you to carry it in one bag. Besides storing shoes, the compartment can also be used to separate dirty clothes. Plus two pockets on the front for storing cellphones or other items. The model also looks very sporty and manly.

Visval Wondrous Duffle Bag
This one bag makes your traveling more efficient. At the back there is a strap that can be inserted on the handle of your suitcase. You can use it as a hand carry bag to load other items while on vacation. There is a lock on the side so that the main compartment zipper cannot be opened easily. This feature makes you more comfortable when traveling. The choice of colors keeps this bag free of dirt.