Various Choices Of The Best Duffle Bag For Traveling

Traveling doesn’t always have to be with a suitcase, because for some people a suitcase is considered the most troublesome item rather than carrying a duffle bag. Also called a gym bag, the duffle bag has more space with lots of compartments on the sides. In fact, some duffle bag products are also multifunctional because not only can they be carried or hooked to the shoulder but can also be worn like a backpack. Well, for those of you who are looking for a leather travel bag, here are the recommendations for the best stylish duffle bag at an affordable price.

Naturehike Duffle Bag Waterproof NH16T002-R
Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) net clamping cloth which is equipped with waterproof features, Naturehike Duffle Bag Waterproof NH16T002-R is suitable for you who like outdoor activities such as trekking and rafting. The overall capacity is very large at 120 liters and has a hook that can be tightened as needed. Although not equipped with compartments on the sides, but with a size of a large enough capacity to accommodate a lot of goods to be carried. With a light and soft texture, this duffle bag can be folded and even slipped into a bag.

Duffle Gaota Twill Bag
Present in a masculine navy color, Duffle Bag Twill Gaota can also be your next choice. Having a simple and plain design, this one duffle bag is suitable for men or women who love outdoor activities. With a large enough capacity to reach 30 liters, this bag has a dimension of 50 x 23 x 23 cm that can be filled with quite a lot of cargo and taken to the aircraft cabin. The material is made of Nylon Twill which is equipped with a long strap and a short strap and a shoulder strap that can function as a backpack. Gaillian Twill Duffle Bag is equipped with several features, ranging from 1 front pocket, 1 side pocket, side slots, 2 net pockets on the inside, and 1 pocket on the inside.

Duffle Bag Stussy Polkadot
Stussy, this US brand also issued a duffle bag with an attractive polka-dot motif. Wrapped in simple black and white, the Duffle Bag Stussy Polkadot is suitable for use by men and women who like to travel. With dimensions of 40 x 20 cm, this duffle bag can hold many items with a capacity of up to 40 liters. In addition, this fashionable bag is also equipped with short straps for carrying and long straps for a sling.