Looking For The Best Travel Bag For You

If you are looking for a leather travel bag with low prices, choose products made from canvas. Although the price is relatively cheaper, the quality is no less good. You can also choose canvas material if you bring more material. The canvas material is stronger holding your weight.

In addition to additional pockets, consider also waterproof material. If you use it when traveling, waterproof material will really help you when the weather is not friendly. Also, pay attention to the shoulder pad when choosing a duffle bag. You tend to bring more things when you use a duffle bag so the cushion is very important to keep your bones from hurting. Here are a few choices for you:

Duffle Bag Osprey Trillium
This popular European brand output duffle bag has become a favorite of travelers who love outdoor activities. With its main material, Soft Packcloth, the Osprey Trillium Duffle Bag is safe against sharp object incisions. This duffle bag has dimensions measuring 51 x 28 x 22 cm which is capable of loading goods up to a capacity of 30 liters. There are many features that you can find on this duffle bag, ranging from grab handles, ID card holders, 1 slot on the side with the zipper feature, and the lock hook on the inside so as to keep luggage safe. This bag is also equipped with a shoulder strap with padded pads that can be used for the three most comfortable positions. The weight of this bag is also not too heavy so it will feel comfortable even when slung. Present in three color choices namely gray, navy, and black.

Duffle Bag Bape
This Bape brand duffle bag has a weight of 500 grams which has been equipped with 1 large compartment in the back and a sash. The material is made of Polyester Oxford which is anti-torn and can last a long time. With dimensions of 42 x 20 x 20 cm, this army patterned duffle bag can store quite a lot of stuff. Interestingly, this Buffle Duffle Bag has a waterproof feature on the inside so it can keep your luggage from rain or splashing water.

Duffle Bag Eiger series Fardel
Furthermore, there is a duffle bag from the Eiger brand that is practical and stylish for traveling. The Eiger series Fuffle Duffle Bag is equipped with a large main compartment feature to store all your traveling needs with ample capacity, which is up to 45 liters. With a weight of 750 grams, this duffle bag is also equipped with a front pocket that functions as an additional pocket and a shoulder strap that can be removed and attached to a shoulder strap. This bag is suitable for outdoor activities such as trekking and camping. Duffle Bag Eiger series Fardel is highly recommended for those of you who are looking for a large capacity duffle bag with a stylish design.