Looking For The Best Travel Bag For You

If you are looking for a leather travel bag with low prices, choose products made from canvas. Although the price is relatively cheaper, the quality is no less good. You can also choose canvas material if you bring more material. The canvas material is stronger holding your weight.

In addition to additional pockets, consider also waterproof material. If you use it when traveling, waterproof material will really help you when the weather is not friendly. Also, pay attention to the shoulder pad when choosing a duffle bag. You tend to bring more things when you use a duffle bag so the cushion is very important to keep your bones from hurting. Here are a few choices for you:

Duffle Bag Osprey Trillium
This popular European brand output duffle bag has become a favorite of travelers who love outdoor activities. With its main material, Soft Packcloth, the Osprey Trillium Duffle Bag is safe against sharp object incisions. This duffle bag has dimensions measuring 51 x 28 x 22 cm which is capable of loading goods up to a capacity of 30 liters. There are many features that you can find on this duffle bag, ranging from grab handles, ID card holders, 1 slot on the side with the zipper feature, and the lock hook on the inside so as to keep luggage safe. This bag is also equipped with a shoulder strap with padded pads that can be used for the three most comfortable positions. The weight of this bag is also not too heavy so it will feel comfortable even when slung. Present in three color choices namely gray, navy, and black.

Duffle Bag Bape
This Bape brand duffle bag has a weight of 500 grams which has been equipped with 1 large compartment in the back and a sash. The material is made of Polyester Oxford which is anti-torn and can last a long time. With dimensions of 42 x 20 x 20 cm, this army patterned duffle bag can store quite a lot of stuff. Interestingly, this Buffle Duffle Bag has a waterproof feature on the inside so it can keep your luggage from rain or splashing water.

Duffle Bag Eiger series Fardel
Furthermore, there is a duffle bag from the Eiger brand that is practical and stylish for traveling. The Eiger series Fuffle Duffle Bag is equipped with a large main compartment feature to store all your traveling needs with ample capacity, which is up to 45 liters. With a weight of 750 grams, this duffle bag is also equipped with a front pocket that functions as an additional pocket and a shoulder strap that can be removed and attached to a shoulder strap. This bag is suitable for outdoor activities such as trekking and camping. Duffle Bag Eiger series Fardel is highly recommended for those of you who are looking for a large capacity duffle bag with a stylish design.

Various Choices Of The Best Duffle Bag For Traveling

Traveling doesn’t always have to be with a suitcase, because for some people a suitcase is considered the most troublesome item rather than carrying a duffle bag. Also called a gym bag, the duffle bag has more space with lots of compartments on the sides. In fact, some duffle bag products are also multifunctional because not only can they be carried or hooked to the shoulder but can also be worn like a backpack. Well, for those of you who are looking for a leather travel bag, here are the recommendations for the best stylish duffle bag at an affordable price.

Naturehike Duffle Bag Waterproof NH16T002-R
Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) net clamping cloth which is equipped with waterproof features, Naturehike Duffle Bag Waterproof NH16T002-R is suitable for you who like outdoor activities such as trekking and rafting. The overall capacity is very large at 120 liters and has a hook that can be tightened as needed. Although not equipped with compartments on the sides, but with a size of a large enough capacity to accommodate a lot of goods to be carried. With a light and soft texture, this duffle bag can be folded and even slipped into a bag.

Duffle Gaota Twill Bag
Present in a masculine navy color, Duffle Bag Twill Gaota can also be your next choice. Having a simple and plain design, this one duffle bag is suitable for men or women who love outdoor activities. With a large enough capacity to reach 30 liters, this bag has a dimension of 50 x 23 x 23 cm that can be filled with quite a lot of cargo and taken to the aircraft cabin. The material is made of Nylon Twill which is equipped with a long strap and a short strap and a shoulder strap that can function as a backpack. Gaillian Twill Duffle Bag is equipped with several features, ranging from 1 front pocket, 1 side pocket, side slots, 2 net pockets on the inside, and 1 pocket on the inside.

Duffle Bag Stussy Polkadot
Stussy, this US brand also issued a duffle bag with an attractive polka-dot motif. Wrapped in simple black and white, the Duffle Bag Stussy Polkadot is suitable for use by men and women who like to travel. With dimensions of 40 x 20 cm, this duffle bag can hold many items with a capacity of up to 40 liters. In addition, this fashionable bag is also equipped with short straps for carrying and long straps for a sling.

Best Duffle Bag Recommendations

Duffle bags are bags with a larger capacity than bags in general. This bag can be used for both sports and traveling. There are many brands of leather travel bag that you can find on the market. Duffle bags that can load many items, come in various sizes, materials, colors, and other features.

Duffle bag capacity is quite diverse, from 20 L to 100 L more. Customize the duffle bag you choose with the number of items you normally carry. If you use a duffle bag for daily activities, such as going to the gym, a capacity below 40L can be chosen. Bags with this capacity are not too big and can load your needs. For those of you who want to travel for a long time, choose a duffle bag with a size larger than 40 L. The larger capacity can accommodate your various needs besides clothes. However, if you only travel for a short time, size 40-45 L can be the best choice for you.

Exsport Maple (L) Duffle Bag
Sweet, minimalist, and does not make you bother. No need to carry too big a bag to go to the gym after work. You can use this bag from Exsport. The main compartment is quite large to carry sports clothes and shoes. The design is also very minimalist and sweet for women.

Wigglo Duffle Bag Cherry
Not only adults who need a duffle bag, but children also need it. Wigglo, a brand that specializes in selling goods for little ones, also issues duffle bags. This product is very suitable to accompany your child’s activities. Teach your child independently from an early age by bringing his own belongings. The design of a cute style and attractive colors make your child more excited about their daily activities. This bag can be used when going to school or exercising.

Nike Vapor Power
Complete with shoe compartments, sports ready! Exercising with friends on weekends is a fun activity. Carry all your equipment with Nike Vapor Power. This bag is equipped with a shoe compartment making it easier for you to carry it in one bag. Besides storing shoes, the compartment can also be used to separate dirty clothes. Plus two pockets on the front for storing cellphones or other items. The model also looks very sporty and manly.

Visval Wondrous Duffle Bag
This one bag makes your traveling more efficient. At the back there is a strap that can be inserted on the handle of your suitcase. You can use it as a hand carry bag to load other items while on vacation. There is a lock on the side so that the main compartment zipper cannot be opened easily. This feature makes you more comfortable when traveling. The choice of colors keeps this bag free of dirt.

Quality Travel Bag Recommendations

When we travel, a travel bag is a must-carry item. How come? In that place, we put clothes, toiletries, makeup, shoes, and so forth. The proverbial travel bag is the second life after the money when we are away from home if you lose it or forget to bring might have to buy new equipment. Here is a review of quality leather travel bag recommendations:

Antler Tiber
The first quality travel bag recommendation falls on Antler Tiber which has a charming appearance. The outer surface is glossy alias available in 3 colors, black, silver and magenta. Although the external material is stiff, it offers a flexible storage media on the inside and is also accompanied by wheels to make it easier for you to carry while traveling.

I-tech Foldable Travel Bag
Made from quality parachute material with a size of 21 cm which is ideal for carrying while traveling. You can also combine this bag with a suitcase, so you don’t need to carry it. Simply put it in the handle of the suitcase and pulled it, so it’s very practical right? If you don’t want to use it, this bag can be folded so you can carry it wherever you go.

Eiger Duffle Bag M Fadel 45L
Men often prefer a simple bag for a vacation. If you are one of them, the following product is perfect for your ideal choice. This black duffle bag is equipped with a large main compartment for traveling needs and can load quite a lot of stuff in the pocket on the front. This bag also has a strap to attach to the shoulder.

Tumi Astor San Remo Soft Duffel
Another case with a Mulberry Scotch that looks like an ordinary tote bag, Tumi Astor San Remo Soft Duffel is really a tote bag. This bag is perfect for those of you who are traveling for just a few days. The traditional design with gray color and the addition of dark brown on the handle, straps, and accents, is suitable as a quality travel bag recommendation of course.

The quality of traveling bags is very important and should not be underestimated. Carelessly buying a cheap product, you will lose when you take it away or after a few months later find it in a state of failure. Nothing wrong with spending more money upfront, but for a long period of time.

Tips For Choosing A Travel Bag

The travel bag is definitely a traveling accessory that can’t be left behind for those of you who have adventure habits. A traveling bag is needed to pack the clothes and other equipment needed during the trip. Certainly, the leather travel bag chosen must be suitable so that it supports the comfort of the trip.

How long the trip will be carried out, is directly proportional to how big the bag will be carried. Do not let large bags pile up at home, but only a handful of luggage will be used. Not practical and wasteful of space. Choosing a travel bag is also a good idea to consider quality. Cheap prices may be fine, but why would have a cheap bag, but the quality is not guaranteed. Not only from the material used, from the outside design, but certain brands are also already different. Bright colors available can make it easier to mark luggage when feeling in the airplane waiting room or waiting for suitcases in the airport luggage. And for fashion lovers, the design might be the first alternative to match the character.

Therefore, here are some tips for choosing a suitable traveling bag:

Choose the type of traveling bag
The first tips on choosing the type of traveling bag. In this case, there are several types of bags that can be chosen starting from ordinary bags, carrier bags, cheap luggage bags, and many others. For official travel agendas such as office events, you can choose a suitcase to accentuate the formal impression but still be simple in terms of the arrangement of goods. It’s just that the suitcase is not suitable for hiking or tracking activities. As for independent traveling activities in more challenging terrain such as climbing mountains, you can choose a carrier bag or type of travel backpack.

Consider Bag Size
For independent travels, it is recommended to prioritize carrying luggage in the cabin. This is in order to make it easier for you to keep your luggage and it is not difficult to carry it yourself. Therefore you must adjust to the provisions of the airline related to the maximum size that is still allowed. The maximum size that is still allowed is usually around 105-185 cm in total by adding up the length, width, and height of the bag. So if you want to buy a backpack at a store that sells travel bags, try to choose the size of a slim but tall and avoid backpacks that are short but wide. If you really have to use a suitcase or drag bag, just use a medium or small size. Surely by choosing a medium-sized travel bag you can also be more efficient because the price of travel bags can be cheaper.

Travel Bag Design
The choice of a bag design is related to maximizing space. A square-shaped travel bag usually allows you to carry more goods. As for curved design, bags tend to be more minimalist storage space. So if you need to bring lots of clothes, travel theme shirts, and luggage, consider choosing a square bag design with lots of compartments so you don’t need to prepare additional travel pouches.